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Cancellation, product return and refund politics


Reservation policies

The tariffs, show up at the website are only valid at the moment of cost quotation, can change without notice in accordance with every provider conditions as long as they haven’t been reserved and confirmed.

The reservations are subject to availability until they are confirm. A reservation is considered as confirm when you cover the corresponding payment and when you count with a reservation electronic coupon with confirmation number. The availability can’t be guarantee until we have received the total payment or the fee to reserve if needed.

At the time of reserve, it’s necessary to check the availability directly with the provider before confirm a service. We ask you 24 hours maximum to send you the confirmation. It’s important to mention that there won’t be any charge at you credit/debit card until we can ensure the availability.

At the time of reserve, you authorize, in written/oral form, we can use your credit/debit card number or payment method you have chosen; and you acknowledge and accept our policies of reservation, payment, segregation of responsibilities and cancellation.

To avoid any inconvenient, you must print the related coupon and present it at the moment of require your paid service, as a reservation receipt. If you want to change or cancel, it’s necessary to contact with a travel consultant as soon as possible, having with you the coupon with the reservation number. For any additional information, contact with our consultants through e-mail: hola@chichensuytun.com or through the following telephone number: (01) 984 9800 607, from Monday to Friday, 9h to 18h and Saturday, 9h to 14h. We ask you to read our CANCELLATION POLICIES and we remember to you that any change of reservation is subject to availability and tariff requote.

Payment policies:

For your reservation payment, we accept credit/debit Mastercard and Visa cards. If you don’t have any of them, you can pay through a bank transfer or bank deposit. For any additional information, contact with one of our consultants through e-mail: hola@chichensuytun.com or at telephone: (01) 984 9800 607  from Monday to Friday, 9h to 14h.

Your credit/debit card charge won’t be complete until your reservation status reads “disponibilidad confirmada”. This charge will be shown in your account statement, including the caption “Suytun”.

The tariffs published in the website www.chichensuytun.com are quoted in a different currency type. In case that you want to pay in any other currency type different of the Mexican peso, the amount payable shown will be only informative, according to the exchange rate type established for Suytún at that moment. The transaction amount will be paid with your credit/debit card at Mexican pesos at the exchange rate type current at the transaction day. Please, keep in mind that the amount that will show up in your credit/debit card payment receipt can differ to 03% for fluctuations in international currency exchange rates. Yalkú Tours don’t take responsibility of this fluctuation.  You accept you acknowledge to the fluctuations in currency exchange rates and you agree with the corresponding charge at Mexican pesos.

In case you require a fiscal invoice, you must ask for it to the assigned consultant for your reservation at hola@chichensuytun.com the same month you made the payment. It’s worth mentioning that for fiscal reasons the invoice will be elaborate after making the payment.



Riviera tours only serves as an intermediary agent between the client and the provider of touristic services promoted by the following website: www.chichensuytun.com. The travel company choses carefully only the most certificated* and prestigious providers to offer the best service. However, Suytún cannot assume any responsibility with the clients about actions or omissions from providers, because we haven’t any control or legal relationship with their operators.

You remove to Suytún of any kind of responsibility in front of any failure or non-compliance from the provider or touristic services direct providers; including, without any limitation, any failure or non-compliance from the airlines, hotels, temporal hosting providers, shipping line or any kind of vessels, water sports providers, car rental agencies, transportation agencies, tour operators, diving instructors, snorkel instructors, golf instructors, swim with dolphins instructors, fishing instructors, adventure and extreme sports providers, water park, ecological parks; and, in general, any failure or non-compliment from every kind of touristic services that would provide directly by one or more providers and when it’s not provide directly by Suytún.

In case of the provider fails to fulfill any of the services they provide, previously paid, the refund resource would be dealt directly with the provider that failed in the service, unless the last failure would be caused directly by Suytún. Consequently, we won’t take responsibility for you and you remove of any kind of responsibility to Suytún for actions, omissions or any kind of claim or dissatisfaction derived from provided service from direct providers of services announced on this website, because Suytún haven’t any control or legal relationship with their personal, team, operation, services or goods.

Additionally, Suytún won’t take responsibility and you remove of any responsibility this site about:

The veracity of the pictures shown at this website, because they are intended to render a general depiction of the service and by no means can be guaranteed that, when you arrive, everything will be exactly as depicted.

The stars rating assigned to the hotels and services, because they are founded in the Suytún or service providers interpretation; and they could differ from the reported categories elsewhere. The different provided services descriptions are updated by Suytún constantly and in their best knowledge, but they don’t guarantee that everything will be exactly the same upon your arrival.

Any kind of failure about not being able to obtain the required documentation to your travel like, but no limited to, passports, visas, certificates…

Direct services provider’s terms and conditions or politics. Suytún will not assume any responsibility and you remove to this agency, also every complain, of cost, expense or loss that you could suffer; including any kind of personal injury or third’s party injuries, accidents or decease, damages to personal possessions or third’s party possessions, lack of enjoyment, upset, disappointment, anguish or frustration, whichever for mental or physical causes.

Despite the constantly website’s update, there is the option some prices validity have been expired or when it comes from misinformation by services providers. In case of that the correct price would be higher than the contracted quantity, we will report to you the correct price or when it be registered the reservation’s cancelation requested when you won’t agree with the price increase, segregating Suytún and the services provider of any responsibilities or payment of compensation from disadvantages caused by the cancelation.

Suytún release from any responsibility as a result breach, from the user, of regulations, rules or conditions established by every provider.


Cancellation policies:

All the cancellation requests must be addressed in writing to the following e-mail: hola@chichensuytun.com

All the cancellations will generate an administrative cost of 30% of the total value of the contracted service plus the corresponding penalty assigned by the provider, in case of needed. If you use the refund reservation cost by buying one another activity, Suytún will forgive the appropriate percentage of the administrative cost, and there will only be a penalty assigned by the corresponding provider.

Cancellation requests for hotels made 72 hours prior your arrival are subject to a charge of one night at the appropriate fee and 30% for administrative cost, plus the penalty assigned by the corresponding provider.

In cancellation requests during high seasons, as Christmas, New Year, Holy Week, Easter and the months of July and August; during the first seven days prior your arrival, there will be a charge of two nights at the appropriate fee and 30% for administrative cost or the resulting from the hotel or provider’s current policies, because every one of them have their owns policies and, sometimes, specifically during high seasons, the cost is not 100% non-refundable.

Cancellation requests made 6 days or less prior of the confirmed service date, irrespective of any reason, for a NO SHOW are 100% non-refundable.

When the user decides, for any reason, to desist of the hosting, being at the hotel already, it will be understood that it is under his own responsibility and it will be 100% non-refundable.

There won’t be airlines tickets cancellation, both name or date changes; and they’ll be 100% non-refundable. Yalkú Tours take no responsibility for any change of the travel itinerary or any change/mistake of personal data given by you for the tickets emission like name, last name, age, gender, dates, routes, airlines, classes, categories… It will be the same for any kind of land transport, maritime transport or sea cruise reservations.

Suytún reserves the right to hire by his own the chosen services for transportation, hosting and car rental, irrespective of the last service provider, except for an a explicit agreement about the services being offer for a determinate provider. In case of direct services provider modifications, this will be provide for an equivalent quality provider. If you use the service, it means you accept the change and there won’t be any kind of claim, compensation or refund. Once Suytún receives from you the amount for any kind of service contract by you, Suytún gets your immediately authorization to issue, print or purchase the airlines tickets on behalf of the user name. Accepting, you and Suytún, the cancellation policies, issue and selling of airlines tickets, and the Suytún Reservation Policies available on our website: www.chichensuytun.com


If the hired services providers couldn’t provide totally or partially their services due to force majeure, Suytún will only manage for the account of the user and it will be limited for the current cost, excluding any other compromise.

The travel company reserves the right to change the services order on the present website for a better services development and for the reasons that justify them. When Suytún make a travel o excursion cancellation for any kind of nature and due to causes beyond the user, Suytún will be obligated but no limited to make a 100% refund of advance or payment made.

In case of client’s cancellation, the apply refund will be calculate according to the Cancellation Policies, depending upon the kind of payment or to be used for some another activities.


You declare under oath of saying the truth, appearing to your own and personal right that you are a natural or legal person, of legal age, enabled and with enough means or the economic capacity and interest to purchase the intermediation services and reservation specified right here; and that you appeal to the Suytún website, which works as an intermediary between you and the touristic services direct providers. Suytún declares (a) to being a duly constituted trading company under the Mexican law as “Transportes Terrestres Garven, S. A de C.V.” (b) that it is duty registered to the tax authorities of the “Registro Federal de Contribuyentes” TTG1401304M3, (c) that our social objective consist in the capacity to act as an intermediary between the users and any kind of transport services providers; to reserve the rooms and related services for the users for hotels or some other kind of hosting service; and offer the reservation services of tourist attraction locations.

You declare, irrespective of the country of origin, that you are of legal age enough to use this website and accept the present Terms and Conditions, including you take responsibility of your legal obligations that you incur for the use of this website. You declare you understand that you will be economically responsible for any such use of this website by you or anyone who uses it under your personal information.